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Shapes, in their own right, also convey meaning. In this brief section we will analyze the way in which these influence perception. We will deal with three known geometric shapes: circle, square and triangle.

Circle: this shape is associated with movement and perfection. Since old times the circle ( or better, the sphere: its three-dimensional shape) has been considered the symbol of perfection, divinity and accuracy. Its constantly curved perimeter invites us to believe that it is constantly moving. The circle is a good choice for those companies willing to transmit a message of speed and movement. For instance, this could be the case of a messenger company that wishes to depict an idea of rapid movement and meticulousness at the same time. However, you may opt to outweigh one of its communicative features and use it to transmit a message of perfection dissociated from any idea of movement. This could be the case of a company that produces computer processors that are elements that require the utmost care in their production, storage and transportation.

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Square: this shape is frequently associated with firmness, protection and tradition. It is a shape held as upright on the floor as on any of its sides: it cannot be dropped, it will still be upright. Its growth from bottom to top has been constant. It transmits a message of security and stability. It is an ideal shape for companies with a strong market position and for financial entities. For instance, an insurance company could use it to show its capacity to ensure clients, its long lasting career in the area , its endurance and in order to breed confidence. Nevertheless, if we play with it we can alter its meaning radically. Given that its three-dimensional shape is the cube, and this is associated with the three dimensional world and parallel realities, if combined with a transparent look, it can become a great hook for a young public seeking novelty.

Triangle: this shape reminds us of growth and investment. Although it is not as stable as the square given that only its base is as stable, this shape bears a sense of constant rise, that the square can never fulfill, because it seeks ever higher. The triangle is, if looked at carefully, an arrow towards the sky. This is why it is generally associated with progress and idealism. It is an ideal shape for those companies that wish to convey a message of constant growth, of risk but gains. For instance, it would be a good idea to apply it to a software developing company.


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