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Web design creativity
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Design creativity

This site is designed for those interested in design in its various forms. Our objective is to provide ideas which may be of help at the moment of designing. If there is a difference between a good and a bad designer it is his design creativity. Many people think that this is an incidental feature within the psychological layout of people, but we believe that just as theoretical notions, creativity can be acquired afterwards. After all, imagination is a mental process just as the formal logic reasoning we apply to mathematics. That is to say, it can be exercised and developed. How? Well, by acknowledging this intellectual mechanism we will be able to develop it to the top. Nobody can obtain the square root of any number unless he knows the way in which he shall think in order to do it. Likewise, nobody can be creative without knowing the mental mechanism through which creative elements are generated. How do we learn this intellectual mechanism? In two ways, the very same through which we learn how to add: by induction and by defining the procedure. Induction is used to ascribe properties or relations to a type based on observations of recurring patterns. The observation of different patterns of one type reveals the general premise that rules them and that is implicit. On the other hand, definition is no more than stating the procedure explicitly. In the example of the addition, we would say that it is the arithmetic operation consisting of joining figures in search for another one. In the case of creativity, it is the mental operation that enables the creation of things in a way that did not exist formerly.

It is clear, though, that by repeating over and over again "it is the mental operation that enables the creation of things that did not exist formerly" one does not become creative. What we propose is getting to know the scope of work of the different design fields and provide possibilities of invention with the basic graphic tools of a designer. We will open this site with a revision of the Basic Notions of Design in order to acknowledge and delimit an item of work and study. We will then go into the basic features, the similarities and differences between the three major design fields : Graphics Design, Web Design and Editorial Design. Finally, we will see what can be done by knowing the ways of conveying meaning of the basic design tools and how, upon knowing this meaning, we can change the object and its traits in order to modify its message.

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We wish to give you many ideas and information not for you to apply them in designing but to stimulate your creativity and the generation of ideas on your account. We know our restrictions and we want you to know them as well: whatever can be extracted from this page will be of much help, at the very best. However, this site is no more than that: an aid, and it does not replace the academic study or the experience, and least of all may it, in its own right, change your mental structure radically.

We, nevertheless, hope that what is presented here be of good help and enable you to have new and bright ideas for your designs. We thank you for choosing us in helping you progress and succeed.

This site about design creativity has been designed for you, do with it what helps you the most.

The entire Design Creativity team hopes that you find the information about design creativity in our website useful for your business. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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