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Web design basics

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Web design is a field of design devoted to the development of Web sites. Nowadays, Web pages are of the utmost importance: a company that is not well located in the Web is practically non existent. But it is not the aim of this section to explain the importance of being in the Internet we rather want to introduce the design area in charge of ensuring that the building of said site is done correctly.

Let’s begin with the simplest: an Internet user visits many pages daily, the eye gets used to seeing them and their working order becomes all too familiar. A page that is esthetically weak or operatively complex will frighten off any user. This is clear cut and strict when it comes to Internet, given that in daily life one has greater tolerance towards those things one is not so happy with because we have made an effort to find them and we are more patient. With the Web, however, as everything it at hand’s reach, strictly, at mouse’s reach, nothing will prevent us from discarding automatically whatever we are not pleased with given that we have arrived with a click and with another click we may leave, without wasting time, money or effort. Therefore, we must create an eye catching Web, organized, tidy, nouvelle and serious.

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Web design professionals have to fight against the typical Internet ease through which anybody “designs” a page and uploads it. These pages are often ugly and difficult to surf. The Web designer will not only create an esthetically appealing and operatively efficient site but he will also keep visual coherence in it which embraces the corporate identity of its company and will transmit a message trough it. A corporate message which will coincide with that depicted by the remaining elements that build the corporate image. Visual coherence consists of maintaining color standard, shape, typography and texture trough the different visual and graphic elements that represent its company and embody its corporate identity. This is done because the application of colors, shapes, etc. entails

several meanings and the group of meanings create a message. Your Web site must not transmit a message of tradition and custom while your corporate Logo portrays innovation and progress. Why? Because those who are interested in one aspect will feel rejected by the other and you will thus not be capable of defining a target group within your commercial expectations. The message transmitted by your company must always be one and the same , in every public display. This is what the Web designer will do. He will make your site transmit the adequate message, while depicting it in an esthetic, appealing and convincing fashion.

However, Web pages bear a peculiarity against other corporate identity elements: they are a means of actual communication between the company and the client. Through the Web site, clients or potential clients can contact you and you can contact them, without delays, expenses, or any other inconvenience. Your Web page is like your main office: it must be formal, appealing, it must generate reliability and show success. Companies are increasingly an idea rather than premises, they are increasingly abstract.

Web sites may probably be the new place clients acknowledge as belonging to the companies. If this is so, it is better not to save efforts in creating the best possible site.


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