Graphic design basics
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Graphic design basics

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Graphics design is a broad field of design that is in charge of laying out images and texts in order to communicate a message. In this section we will deal with the branch of Design devoted to marketing. This field of work is in charge of creating such things as: logos, labels, brochures, billboards, triptychs and presentation cards . The graphic designer is in charge of creating a visual item which transmits a message to the public through the graphic resources available for him. But his function is not reduced to inventing said item it is, rather, the preparation of that creation in order to be reproduced in a particular fabric or material. Therefore, these will be the two cores of this section: the creation of a visual object and its preparation to be applied.

When a designer sets out to create a visual object with the aim of depicting a message he must think of many things and of three moments of the object: the order, the creation and the publication. The order is done by the client. He requests the designer to transmit a message out of the combination of image and text. It is then that the work of design is focused mainly on understanding rather than creating. The designer must set his mind to clearly perceiving what the client wills to transmit and he will help the client make himself understood as best as he can. Creation will deal with the creation of an eye catching, persuasive and clear visual object. None of these features shall be absent in a good design. The importance of being eye catching lies in that it must be visible within the ubiquitous public appearance of advertising designs fighting for people’s attention. Its persuasiveness is equally necessary given that it serves no purpose if the design is visible and eye catching but it does not entice the receptor into buying a particular product or service. The design must, of course, be clear. Otherwise, an appealing and persuasive design may certainly not call our attention and entice us into acquiring something if we do not know what is it that we should buy.

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Graphic design employs several graphic tools that enable the designer to portray materially, what existed in the mind of the client, first, and of the designer later. It is thus essential for the designer to be versatile when it comes to using graphic tools. They are the intermediaries between his ideas and the concluded design: if this bridge is not strong the first will never turn into the second.

The preparation of a design in order to be used in a particular fabric or material is not trivial. The fabric or material is the physical element where the information is recorded: paper, cloth, metal, digital file, etc. If the design does not apply to the material which will contain it, it is badly achieved, it will lose quality and it will be rendered useless in certain materials. For instance, a designer has created a Logo for your company and you wish to do an advertising gigantography with it. If the Logo the designer has delivered is not dealt with as it should, when printing it in said size and on such material it may be distorted, without color, with too much color, pixeled, etc. The duty of the designer is that of creating a given design for it to be capable of being placed adequately in a particular material without losing quality.


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